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Design IV is a unique niche consultancy focussed on improving product design to create simple, economically-viable, and innovative products of high quality.

It is unique in that it uses the proven methodology developed by Drs. Geoffrey Boothroyd and Peter Dewhurst to determine the efficiency of a design and importantly, to identify the improvements that are possible - all backed up by detailed analysis and quanitification using empirical information.

Design IV was established in 1992 following a management buy-out of the business from John Brown Automation Ltd (of Coventry), with the support of Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. It remains however a totally independant entity owned entirely by its employees.

With more than 30 years to it's credit, Design IV is able to utilise the decades of knowledge, experience and skills of it's experts to create robust redesign concepts for its growing client list from around the globe.

At it's inception, Design IV also became the sole agent for Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc.'s powerful DFMA software and quickly achieved certification as a consultant and trainer, which it has maintained since.

Design IV operates throughout Europe primarily but has also served clients in the Middle East, South America, and Asia developing a reputation for unparalleled expertise and support whether it is for consultancy, onsite workshops, or the DFMA software.

Some companies that we are honoured to have worked with include:





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